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Language Managed Services

You are probably familiar with managed services from the IT industry. But did you know that there are a number of services relating to your global content that you can outsource to us? eurocom can transform from a Language Service Provider (LSP) into a Managed Service Provider (MSP) for terminology, global SEO, review, process automation, and machine translation!

Outsource Language Issues with Peace of Mind

You are probably well aware that international success requires more than translation alone. At the same time, you lack the time or resources to develop important topics such as terminology or search engine optimization (SEO) yourself. That's why you need a reliable and flexible team with the required expertise, which is not only hands-on, but also thinks ahead. In eurocom, you have the perfect service provider with the necessary technical competence. In addition to more than 30 years of experience, we also maintain a fresh, agile approach to new topics and challenges – a successful foundation that makes our Language Managed Services the perfect match for you.

Full Flexibility Regarding Remit and Services

In this digital age, collaboration already largely takes place online. The keywords here are virtualization, outsourcing, and cloud. In terms of content, the main concerns are always about availability, technical sophistication, and tried-and-tested, coordinated processes. With Language Managed Services, you have solutions at your disposal that can be adapted to the respective requirements for the following areas:

Why not do as many of our long-standing clients do and use Language Managed Services for a wide range of tasks? The different service packages are finely tuned to one another and are scalable at any time. In other words, you can adapt the managed services flexibly to your requirements.

Your Advantages

You focus on your core business

We do the rest. Localization may not be your core business, but it is ours! With Language Managed Services, you have a team of experts on board to handle various aspects relating to global content. We perform an analysis and deliver suitable solutions and services.

Continually improve your global content

And without any effort on your part. Regardless of whether your concern is terminology, global SEO, review, machine translation, or process automation, each of these fields represents a piece of the puzzle in maintaining a consistently high-quality global presence.

Your costs optimized through custom subscriptions

You choose from clear subscription models in line with your requirements. Monthly costs are predictable and resources are used in a targeted manner. This means you make investments precisely where they deliver the most benefit.

Your competitive edge guaranteed

With Language Managed Services, you have solutions at your disposal that the competition does not yet have. You can optimize your international presence through the use of innovative software and service solutions.

Changes become an opportunity

We create the basis for you to respond quickly to changes in the market. Each of our subscriptions is scalable and the processes set up for you can be flexibly adapted to new markets and products.

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