Monolingual checking of your translations

Improve Translation Quality with Review

Expert review, revision, in-country review, or just review: these are just some of the names for monolingual checking of a translated text regarding intended purpose and adherence to linguistic conventions in accordance with ISO 17100. Experts in the target country check the translation and make a substantial contribution to both the quality of the translation and the source text. This enables you to ensure that you shine in your target markets with optimum documentation.

Fragmented In-Country Review

In spite of its crucial advantages, the review is still overlooked in the translation quality assurance process. One reason for this may lie in the many conversion steps that occur during the course of the in-country review. Reviewers in the target country are largely unfamiliar with the translation and terminology software in the translation department, making it unusable. This means that the comment function in PDF files is often used, which is difficult for translators to manage and is therefore also a frequent source of errors. The intermediary between these two participants is the project management team, which must also ensure that deadlines are met.

eurocom Employs a Special Software Solution

In order to manage this important review process as efficiently and effectively as possible, eurocom uses a software solution from parent company Kaleidoscope: Globalreview is a web portal that is easy and intuitive to use for all those involved, and can be used to manage the entire in-country review professionally. As there are no conversion steps, nothing is lost and everything is clearly and unambiguously recorded. eurocom is on hand to manage this important building block in the translation quality assurance process. Management tasks also include the coordination of reviewers in the target countries and the exchange of information with translators. With Globalreview we also secure additional benefits for subsequent translations. For example, the final version of the translation is entered in the translation memory (TM) at the touch of a button. This ensures that the checked content reliably ends up in the TM and is used again exactly as it was approved during the review when the texts were updated.

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If review is exactly what you're missing in the content process, but you don't have the time or resources for this, you can leave it all in eurocom's capable hands. We have a very special service for you: Language Managed Services Review. Instead of simply managing reviews on a project-specific basis, we develop a review workflow specially tailored to your requirements. Attractive, finely tuned service packages are available on subscription!

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